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Provesol PE 503
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Enriched Soymilke Refreshment
Enriched Soymilke Refreshment more»
Olvebra Industrial S/A is located in Eldorado do Sul, a county of the city of Porto Alegre. The
Food and Oil Refining units are situated in this industrial park that encloses more than
100,000 square meters. In addition to these divisions, there is also OLVEPLAST in São Paulo -
the unit responsible for the manufacturing of plastic packaging.
Asian culture
Emperor Shen Nung was the father of both medicine and agriculture, for having owned a herbarium that listed all the amassed knowledge from previous millennia. The most ancient copy of his annotations have existed for almost 5,000 years, and in it, there is the first safe reference to a legume identified as soy – one of the five sacred grains including wheat, rice, barley, and millet.
Pioneer in the Brazilian soy manufacturing business
For more than 50 years, Olvebra has paved the way for the manufacturing of soy in Brazil. It was the first company to ever produce powdered soy extract worldwide. This product is the soluble fraction extracted through water from selected soy grains previously cleaned and dehulled, thus allowing for the product to retain its proteins, fibers, isoflavones, and fatty acids.
Olvebra uses only non-GMO soybeans
In addition to ensuring the functional quality of its raw materials, Olvebra also guarantees the use of non-GMO soybeans. The company has also made a commitment to Greenpeace to not purchase soy from the Amazons. This practice has generated deforestation that adds to the already existing problems in the world’s largest rainforest.
Products developed for the health industry
Known for manufacturing quality products, the Food division is available in the market with a line of products intended for people with specific dietary needs: lactose and gluten free diets, no animal milk protein, no sugar, vegetarianism, eating habit re-education, weight-loss. The same goes for those in search of a healthier lifestyle, thus following in global trends.
Our meticulous quality control
Throughout its existence, the company has been motivated by the search for constant innovation. This principle brought the canola oil to Brazil, thus consolidating the company’s reputation as leading edge, and as a precursor in the manufacturing of high quality and more elaborate products. Olvebra´s organic production is duly certified according to BR and CE norms.
Products for both retail and industrial segments
With an extent of more than 60 products for retail that tends to the most different dietary needs, Olvebra – upon research and experiments on products and functional ingredients – has consolidated its industrial market share by introducing an innovative concept in food manufacturing: a product line with more than 20 items. These items may be applied to the most diverse products, such as lacteal specialties, protein fruit cocktails, sausages, and cold cuts; in addition to the bread, cookies, pasta, and chocolate industries. Also, they can be applied to typical products like Tofu.
Company mission

To produce and market products high in protein, thus encouraging suppliers, employees, and other contributors to generate value; and upon growth, to perpetuate the organization in both domestic and foreign markets by providing customers with quality products.


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